We took Louis to our local pumpkin patch again this year – with mostly the intent of getting some cute pictures of him for his 14-month photos.  AND, we stocked up on pumpkins for a carving party we’re having at our house this weekend with some friends.  (We may have also purchased some super yummy apples and beautiful mums as well…but that’s beside the point.)

Unlike last year’s visit to the farm, Louis was awake this whole time.  Of course we did the whole ‘parent thing’ and put him next to the sign to see how tall he is.  I sifted through last year’s photos and found the perfect picture for comparison.  I’m going to say that he’s done some growing and changing since our last visit. 🙂


This year, there was no need for me to prop him (unwillingly) against the wall.  Haha.  He’s a big boy now and can stand there for his close-ups on his own.  Does that pea coat kill you as much as it does me?  He looks so grown up!!

Here are some more photos from the pumpkin patch experience.  Smiling for the camera was out of the question, mostly because there were other things that kept catching his attention.  We literally have a 10-picture series of him staring at a bug on the pumpkin.  It was adorable and he kept calling it “doggie” but wasn’t exactly what we were asking him to do. 


FYI: “Doggie” is his word for anything that isn’t a person, but moves. Louis ‘woof woofs’ for actual dogs but hasn’t distinguished different words for different creatures quite yet.  I have no worries that he’ll get it mastered in the future.  For now, it’s something that makes us smile. 🙂