Yesterday, Bennett had a wild hair to take some pictures to build his stock of photos and thought that we could take a trip to the zoo.  It was Louis’ first time ever to be seeing all of these animals on anything but the television – so another fun ‘first’ was checked off our list.  (Granted, he is still a bit young to fully enjoy it all.)

Louis called most of the animals “doggies”, had his graham crackers eaten by the crafty goat in the petting zoo and had a face-to-face meeting with a lorikeets while it tried to eat his mommy’s hair.  I’d say it was a successful visit.


I’m not gonna lie.  Staying calm while a bird was on my shoulder wasn’t the easiest thing for me.  I have this strange fear of birds…I’m totally in love with the creatures when they are at a safe distance but I’m not totally fond of them touching me.  Bennett didn’t come to my rescue as quickly as I had probably hoped, mostly because he was snapping away some pictures.  Haha.  (I probably would have done the same thing.)


We had a ton of fun and I look forward to future visits with our little one.  Perhaps the Pittsburgh Zoo is a necessary visit next spring/summer?