First, I thought I’d share a photo from our hiking adventure the other day.  Well…from the beginning of our hiking adventure.  We packed Louis up in his gear and took off.  I thought this picture was kind of neat – we’ve recently come into possession of a fisheye lens and we’ve been testing the waters with it.  It’s a challenge to get things to look like we’d like them, but some of the results (even the unplanned ones) turn out pretty neat.


And lastly, here’s a video that I’m dying to share with you all.

Sometimes you just need to dance.  And that’s what we did! 🙂  Brittany and Eddie were over last night and we had a dance party in our living room.  I’m severely impressed by the dance skills of my 16-month old.  He’s got great rhythm!! 

If he simply hears ANY music, the kid will start dancing.  It can be a TV commercial, a song on the radio or I could simply start whistling, clapping or singing myself and he’ll start bobbing to the music.  It’s pretty fun and hilarious.  I thoroughly enjoy it.  (I hope you do too!)