Who is Randy Parker?  Maybe this picture of Louis will help:


Does it ring a bell now?  Haha.  (Ralphie’s brother on “A Christmas Story” when he’s all bundled up…for those of you who didn’t quite get it.)

Louis joined us on an outdoor adventure on Saturday and we bundled him up so well that he decided he wasn’t going to move.  He was just going to stand in one place in all of his puffy goodness and wait for someone to move him.

Bennett even tried to convince him how much fun it was to play in the snow by having Lou help shovel.  Nope.  He didn’t want to budge.


Maybe the tumble he took when we first went outdoors determined his level of movement from the get-go.  This picture cracks me up.  Louis wasn’t really in that bad of a mood, he just was not going to do anything but plant his feet until we would carry him somewhere else.


It was the first “good” snowfall that we’ve had all year – and now it’s completely melted away.  I can’t believe that we are almost through January and we haven’t had much of the white stuff hit Wheeling at all.  I know that my home state of Michigan has been blasted so far…I feel like every day on Facebook I’m reading about school cancellations.  I’m kind of jealous and kind of not at all.  I like how pretty snow is and it’s fun to play in, on occasion, but I’m not the biggest fan of driving through it.  {Maybe you should ask Bennett about how much fun it is to drive while I’m a passenger during inclement weather.}


We are heading to Michigan in a few weeks to see the majority of the Boltze Clan, and to celebrate a late Christmas with them.  I’m thrilled that they’ve got snow for us to play in!!  I’m hoping that Louis will get over his non-moving syndrome and decide that his bundling was well worth it.