Louis is a silly little boy.  In many ways…but in one way particular that really gets us wondering sometimes.  He sometimes becomes fixated on certain objects – but they are never things that you would assume a 17-month old would.

His newest love?  My WVU purse.  He found it one day, started carrying it around his neck and it’s now a part of his daily routine.  It’s only been a few days worth of his new found love, but it’s pretty ridiculous and cute.

These pictures are from yesterday, before and after his nap.  Daddy didn’t let him sleep with his new little man purse (lmurse?) but as soon as the nap was over, it was back in his hands.  I’m sure it’ll wear off in no time and he’ll be onto something else.

At least it’s WVU??  Go Mountaineers!! 🙂