Today couldn’t have been a more beautiful (almost) spring day.  We couldn’t help but get our butts outside for a while with the little one.  Bennett suggested a trip to the Oglebay Zoo and we were all over it.  We took Louis for his first zoo trip back in October, so we thought it would be fun to see how different it is through his eyes the second time around.  A little bit older, a little more mobile…and in warmer weather.

It was totally worth it.  He LOVED the animals.

We, of course, headed into the lorikeet are again.  They are just so beautiful and colorful…and playful.  We couldn’t stay away.  Louis was startled a few times when they flew fairly close to him, but he was a champ and enjoyed them being close by.

Somehow the first time when we visited, we didn’t realize that you could buy some nectar to feed them with.  Bennett held the cup while he was swarmed by the sweet little birdies…and Louis and I watched.  We didn’t get a chance to snap a photo this time around but I certainly had a lorikeet on my head again, pulling on my hair.  I panicked less though, so maybe this shows growth.  Haha.

There was a mini-battle between a couple of the birds, although it didn’t get portrayed as such through photos.  One of them was deciding to be a bully and wasn’t letting another drink from the nectar cup.  It was quite entertaining.

We were slightly disappointed that the petting zoo part was closed down, but we still got to feed them over the fence.  Again, I thought Louis wouldn’t like the animals being so close to him but again, my child proved me wrong.  He thought they were pretty cool.

We stopped by the refurbished children’s playground at Oglebay on the way out.  Bennett literally slammed on the breaks when he saw a baby swing.  Louis having never been on one and it being a beautiful day, meant that it was the perfect time to put him in one.  Louis, again, LOVED it.  He was adorable in the swing….all the while sporting his adorable sunglasses.

And finally…our outdoor adventures ended by a walk around the lakes at Oglebay.  Louis led the way and we went a lot farther than I thought his little legs would be able to handle.  He tried to pet every dog that we crossed paths with, naturally.  And, by the time we coaxed {wrestled} him back into the car, the little dude was SUPER tired.  His nap has been unnaturally long today…which is probably one of the only reasons I was able to edit these photos and put them online for sharing. 🙂

We are now headed off for dinner at the in-laws. 

Perfect Sunday.