You know, I wish I could call what I’m about to share with you a “tutorial” but I think it would be best described as a “look what I made and you should make it too”.  That may be too many words…so it’ll just stay at “tutorial”. 🙂

I made something like this for my 3-year old little brother for Christmas and it was a HIT.  When I first put it together, I tested it out by laying it down on our living room floor to see if my 1-year old would like it.  He cried every time I tried to put it away…which meant that I was on to something.  It’s only been MONTHS since we gave it away, so I thought that maybe it was time to make one for my own child.

Materials needed:

  1. Four (4) standard size pillow cases
  2. Four (4) standard size pillows
  3. Sewing machine & thread
  4. At least one (1) crazy toddler.
  5. Buttons/Snaps/Zipper [optional]

Simply sew the pillowcases together, with the long-sides being the parts to connect.  Stuff them with pillows and away you go!!  For my little brother, I didn’t do anything to contain the pillows themselves from flopping out of the cases.  We tried with my son’s to use snaps – but I’ll admit that it wasn’t easy.  I need something that creates snaps better than what I have currently at home.

I chose to keep the ends open though (not sew the pillows completely into the cases), so you can wash the pillowcases when they get dirty.  Unfortunately, “dirty” happened almost instantly for us.  We have two dogs that shed, shed, shed.  I couldn’t find any light colored pillowcases and the minute that bed went on the floor, it acted like a magnet and swept up all of the dog hair in sight.  Such is life, right?

I tried about a thousand times to get a picture of my son using the bed.  It probably would have been easier to get a picture of our dogs laying on it because they almost use it as much as he does.  Haha.  Instead, I got a bunch of photos of him standing on it without any pants on and a hammer in his hands.  Little boys are the spice of life, aren’t they?

Using four pillows & pillowcases allows you to have it as a full lay-out bed, but also allows you to tuck one of the pillows underneath as a headrest.  Genius, right?  It would probably be more genius if I could get a photo of him using that aspect of it.  Gah!

Regardless, I’m glad that I could finally share this with you.  It’s super easy, super fun and my son LOVES it.  If it weren’t just a snappy from my dad’s phone, I would share with you a photo of my little brother maxin’ and relaxin’ on his lounge bed too.  Maybe I need to start working on my dad to send me a better picture.  {Wink, wink, Dad?}

I tried again today to get a picture of Louis in the bed.  This was the finished product: a little boy being tickle tortured by his mother for not cooperating.  It’s out of focus, with exception of the most dog hair covered part of the pillow.  Perfection in my eyes.  Mommy goggles much??

I hope that the wait for this was worth it!  I also hope that someone decides to make a toddler lounge bed for themselves.  If you do, PLEASE SHARE!!  Either email me ( or post it to my Facebook page.