Saturday, we went down to Morgantown to visit with Jeff & Jess and help celebrate the up-and-coming arrival of their baby girl.  This was the first co-ed baby shower that I attended (therefore the first shower Bennett’s ever been to himself) and it was really lovely.  Jeff went to high school with Bennett and was also a former roommate of his at WVU, so they’ve known each other for a long time and we couldn’t be happier for the couple.  It feels like just yesterday when we rocked the dance floor at their wedding with our 5-week old little Louis in tow.

We were a little nervous about bringing Louis with us.  Not that we didn’t think he would behave, but we weren’t sure how we could keep him entertained enough during a shower to be able to enjoy it ourselves.  No worries: there were balloons.  It was seriously adorable how much time and energy Louis spent on playing with, throwing, kicking and bopping balloons around.  We hardly had to do any parenting. 🙂

Some jerk [me] doesn’t know how to use a camera apparently…so the only picture we took that day of the parents-to-be happens to be out of focus.  Sorry guys!!  I’ll try harder next time.

If I could pick a theme for the shower, I would have to say: PINK!!  Holy cow!  The clothes, the decorations, the toys…pink, pink, PINK!  Haha.  How dangerous would it have been, had Louis been a little girl?  [Except maybe pink would have been purple in my case.]  How cute were these favors that Jeff’s sister made?  So simple and yet so darling!  Louis especially enjoyed sticking his drool covered, sticky hands in there for the chocolate treats.

Bennett was on the job and took a ton of pictures, but of course the only ones I want to show are the ones where the opened our gifts.  You’d better believe that I gave them some of Katy’s Creations originals!!  I’m prouder than heck to have a sweet little gal wearing some of the things that I’ve personally made.

Thanks so much, Jeff & Jess, for having us!  It was a joy to see you and help celebrate your little Maddie!  We cannot wait to meet her and watch her grow!  Eep!!