Louis officially hit the 20-month mark yesterday.  It’s hard to believe that my BABY is as close to the 2-year mark as he is.  I had to laugh when Bennett was taking pictures yesterday because Louis is already so accustomed to the camera that he’s got some posing down.  It’s hilarious and adorable.  Bennett said “Louis, look at the camera” and this is what he delivered:

So cute!  He’s so photogenic, it kills me.  Where did those genes come from?

We spend a lot of our free time throwing rocks and this was another such occasion. Louis was able to pause a few times for us for photos – as well as spend some time showing his little gDiaper-ed butt to us.  Haha.  He’s in that in-between stage where 2T clothes will sometimes fit him and sometimes drown him.  This was the time where the clothes were a bit bigger than him.  He didn’t seem to care: There were rocks to be thrown.

{I’d like to also take a moment to congratulate the Joltes family for their newest addition!!  Maddie might have come barreling into the world a little earlier than they had anticipated…but maybe that’s a sign that she won’t be one of those girls that is always late to everything.  Haha.  Jeff & Jess, I simply cannot wait to meet your sweet girl!}