It’s about time I shared another bit of inspiration with you all!!  This time, it comes from my super talented sister-in-law, Amy.  She’s a little bit crazy and a lot bit crafty…much like myself. 

My husband received this wreath in the mail for his birthday this past January.  Amy thought it would be neat to start a new family tradition by passing along this wreath to the family members during their birthday weeks.  Since Bennett’s birthday was the first this year, we got to proudly display it at our house.

It’s adorable and festive and I love the idea of passing this from person to person!!  This past weekend was our nephew’s birthday and I just HAD to snap a photo to share.  Plus, the red door it was hanging on was a perfect display for it.  Don’t you think?

I do believe that Amy pulled some inspiration from a pin that we share on Pinterest.  I always believe in giving credit where credit is due, so you can follow this link to get a tutorial on how to create your own totally awesome balloon wreath.  Have fun!!