What’s in a name??

Quite frankly – a lot.  I opened my store back in October 2010 without any inkling of a notion that I would still be here today, making things for my people.  When I opened that little Etsy store, I had no idea what the handmade artisan world was even like.  And here I am almost two years later, with a lot more knowledge, experience and big ambitions.

I don’t mind being my brand, I just wanted to have room to grow.  And with all of my time (and money spent shopping!!) on Etsy, I’ve realized how many people have their stores named just like I did.  “Callie’s Creations”.  “Created by Kate”.  You name it, I was just another “girl’s name” store.  And I’ve been wanting to rebrand for quite some time now.

I’ve been dragging my feet about it but have finally made the leap: Handmade Escapade.
Tagline: “an adventurous, unconventional act”  {It’s the definition of ‘escapade’ and I found it fitting for the things I create.}

There are big hopes for me and the future of my brand and I am looking forward to my new name being listed on just about everything I can think of.  Tags are the biggest thing for me.  I wanted something that even men would be willing to wear around on their heads.  The name “Katy” doesn’t scream manly to me….unless your name is Katy and you are a man.  Haha.

My new logo is what you’re going to be seeing on my goodies from now on!!  I chose the signature glasses that I have constantly on my giant noggin while I crochet and create – I thought it was fitting.  And of course: PURPLE! 🙂

Horizontal (glasses)Horizontal (quote & glasses)Vertical (glasses)Vertical




So, I hope that you can help me transition nicely.  Here is some information to help you along:
Website: www.HandmadeEscapade.com
Etsy Store: www.HandmadeEscapade.etsy.com
Email: katy@handmadeescapade.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/HandmadeEscapade

I will have things set up to automatically forward from my old info to my new info for a while, so things aren’t too lost in cyberspace.  I’M SO EXCITED!!!!  Thank you for believing in me and allowing this change to push through.  I love you all so stinking much!