I’ve mentioned before that I like to e-stalk all of my friends’ crafty ways and then beg them to let me showcase their work, right? 🙂  Well today is no different!  An old college roommate of mine posted these a couple of weeks ago and I KNEW I had to share.

Jill found two old lamps and decided to turn them into some fabulous pieces for her new apartment.  (Upcycling anyone??)

Jill says: “Boredom, a new apartment, and penny pinching inspired me to make these! I love thrift store shopping and stumbled upon the little olive colored lamp on my of my many escapades to a Goodwill. Although I loved the shape, the color didn’t fit into my apartment theme, and it didn’t have a lamp shade.  After grabbing a cheap, plain shade from Walmart, I found some clearance ribbon and got the idea to throw in on the shade! The cream lamp with the burgundy shade was an old glass lamp in my apartment, an old shade in my closet, and leftover ribbon from the first lamp.

IMG_0519I definitely should I have taken more time to sand the lamp after the first coat of paint.  I had a few drips down the side from a mishap with the spray paint nozzle, but I was too eager to finish and get them into my apartment!

Excluding a mishap I had with the spray paint nozzle, I had fun making these. I love crafting of any kind, and after taking a few years off from doing anything like that, it felt good to get my hands a little paint covered!

I actually just got done with another Goodwill redo project…I think I’m addicted!”
Do you have a bit of crafty genius that you’d like to share?
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