Can you believe that my little guy has turned another year older?  It’s amazing to me how quickly he’s changed in those two years as well…his chubby face and cheeks are going away and he’s becoming a lean, mean, talking-all-the-time, dancing machine.

We celebrated his birthday with the entire McKinley family while we were in Cape May last week but since his actual birthday was on Sunday, we made sure to have a mini-celebration with our threesome.  The day consisted of lots of play time and Louis being able to eat all of his favorite foods.  He also helped us bake his birthday cupcakes by pouring the ingredients into the bowl….and licking the spoon, of course.

I think I’ve found the Flying Spaghetti Monster!!

Sometimes getting our toddler to eat what we’ve put in front of him can be a challenge.  When there’s spaghetti involved…he almost eats more than Bennett and I do.  What’s with kids and spaghetti?

Below is a video.  I think it really showcases Bennett’s and my beautiful singing voices.  Oh…and I guess the birthday boy is pretty cute as well.