This week’s feature is coming to you from a very lovely high school buddy of mine: Dannie Sue.  She posted a picture of her rockin’ scarf on Facebook and I BEGGED her to let me share it.  Enjoy! 🙂

Dannie Sue says: “I went shopping recently and found a pair of orange, sling back peep toe heels I couldn’t resist.  I had NO idea how I was going to wear these for work, as I have nothing orange-y or that goes with orange enough.  I couldn’t sleep one night and decided to wear myself down by browsing Pinterest.  I found a bunch of cool “t-shirt scarves” and discovered that people were MAKING them, not buying them.  


A couple weekends ago, I played on a women’s team that won a softball tournament.  We were awarded with orange shirts – but my size small frame was stuck with a 2XL.  I decided that turning that shirt into a scarf would be MUCH better than “closet-space-filler-upper” like it typically would have been. 
So, I got to getting.  I followed the oh-so-easy-breezy, NO SEWING REQUIRED (which was a must for me… I’m not exactly “domesticated”…) instructions I found online and had a ball cutting the shirt into strips and stretching it until it cried “Uncle!”  I had SO much fun and was incredibly happy with the results – I made another one with three other tournament t-shirts I never wore! 

I think this project really awakened the “crafty” side to me.  I can’t wait to make more and more and more and try different styles and.. AH!  Whoever thought this tomboy with a girly side would turn crafty?!”
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