You are about to get a glimpse into the inner workings of my crazy.  Prepare yourselves. 🙂

2012-09-17 inspired planner

I can’t seem to leave anything alone.  Even with my planner.  It seems simple enough – but I have yet to find a store-bought planner that I actually like using.  It’s either got too much “stuff” that I don’t like and end up ripping out or it’s missing the look I want.

In true “why don’t I make something, rather than just buy it” fashion, I set out into the world of Etsy to find something that might fit my needs.  Aha!  There is a brilliant designer that created the very set I needed.  And I can print months and years beyond what I can find in a store-bought planner.  Here’s where you can find it: droplet

2012-09-17 inspired planner2

Martha Stewart (oh Martha…) has a line of planner materials out at Staples right now.  I went there one day and snatched up the front pocket holder to store all of my necessities.  Because I JUST HAVE TO color coordinate my events with highlighters and different colored pens, I can’t just settle for one thing in my planner to use.  The outer shell is also Martha’s and I have a business card holder in the very back to store the various cards I collect along the way.

I also created a “today” bookmark out of some of the cardboard that something was packaged in.  See how I snuck in a “Love My State” decal into my everyday life?  Yep, I’m crafty like that!  And of course the cover has my husband’s and my logos.  Of course, haha.

The last thing I did was hot glue a ribbon around the entire outside so I can keep it shut while it’s bouncing around in my rather large purse and/or craft bag.  I’m pretty satisfied with the results.  Plus now I have a place to store all of the random sticky-notes I’m constantly writing myself reminders on. 

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