Many of you commented on the chairs I had on display in my craft booth at this weekend’s Regatta, so I thought I might feature them this week. 

I found these chairs while I was out garage sale-ing in my neighborhood this summer.  Except, they were brown and had this ugly vinyl covering on the seat.  I’ve never done anything with a chair before but I had this desire to do so. 

The previous owner was VERY reluctant to sell me them because they were a part of a six-chair set and I only wanted two.  He wasn’t pleased with my insistent ways but let me go with just the pair.  I wanted something for my craft shows that would be cute and allow me to sit down when customers weren’t around. 

While I was out shopping one night, I saw this blue paint and KNEW it would be perfect.  And then later I went on Etsy and found some adorable Michael Miller fabric for the upholstery part.  I’m not saying that I did a perfect job by any means – but I think they turned out adorably and they were perfect for my needs.

{I promise to show you more of my booth and these chairs in action in a few days.  I’m excited to share with you what I’ve learned from my craft-booth experience!!}
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