Louis should be renamed to the Human Sponge.  Or maybe that will just be his superhero name.  We always wondered if his head was so large because it needed to hold a bunch of brains – I’m beginning to think that it is true.

When did adults stop being eager and open to learning new things?  When I watch Louis and see how absolutely excited he is about letters and numbers, I am fascinated.  Every sign we see, book he holds and every shirt I wear is examined and studied by Lou.  He excitedly points to letters/numbers and tries to guess what they are. 

More times than not, he gets it right.  When he is right, either a giant high-five or clapping with Louis exclaiming “good job” is immediately followed.  He also can count to 10 fairly well.  It’s not perfect every time but it’s close.  The number 8 seems to escape him.  And if Louis is distracted by his surroundings (which is easy because he’s 2 and has the attention span of a 2-year old), he makes a lot more mistakes.  He’s allowed to!

I almost didn’t include the first couple of clips, where he was getting things wrong.  There’s such a pressure to only show people your amazing, brilliant, perfect child.  Trust me that I realize how much competition in parenting the internet has created.  I think Louis is exactly where he needs to be in growth and development and I’m proud of him.  So you get to see it all!