I’m always looking for new ideas to get inspiration from for my holiday cards.  I thought that maybe it would be a little helpful to others to share what I’ve created in the past.  Let’s take a look at my family’s card from Christmas 2011.

Kraft paper (which I used to lovingly call brown paper bag paper, haha) is my current obsession.  I’m not sure it’s going to go away anytime soon.  My holiday cards for 2011 and 2012 have been made with this recycled goodness.  And I also mail all of my shop packages in machine stitched Kraft paper packages.  Which reminds me…maybe I should share that with you all sometime! 

Anyway, back to the card.  I like Kraft paper because you can pick a bright/bold color to use as a contrast and it always looks awesome.  Last year I wanted a tree on the front…so I cut basic Christmas trees out, scored the middle and then hot glued it to the front of the card.  It created a slight 3D effect that I super loved.

I have this “thing” where I really think my handmade cards look more polished when I round the corners.  I found a simple and cheap craft punch at Michaels/Crafts 2000 and went to town on the four major corners of the card itself.  I also rounded the corners of our family photo because I felt like torturing myself.  My fingers hurt so bad from that punch…but I really liked the look and couldn’t help it.

I am an absolute crazy person and I send 100 holiday cards every year.  I try and cut it down but every time I remove someone, I find a way to add someone else to the list.  The only way I keep my husband from giving me too much grief about it is that I don’t hand-sign the cards anymore.  I just pop in a simple greeting, put in a family photo from that year and send them on their way. 

I always make sure to keep a copy for myself.  It’s fun to look back on all of the different cards I’ve sent over the years.  My style changes but the handmade aspect always remains.  I love sending cards!  If I could do it every month, I would.  {But then I might also go broke from the postage costs.}

So what do you do for holiday cards?  Buy premade?  Handcraft your own?  Not send them at all?  I’d love to know what others do this time of year!

Do you have a bit of crafty genius that you’d like to share?
Please do!!  Email me here: katy@handmadeescapade.com