Saturday was the official kick-off for our family’s line of Christmas parties to attend.  Is it possible that you get busier, the older you get?  We headed down to Morgantown to visit with the Joltes family (Jeff, Jess and their ridiculously adorable baby Maddie)…as well as some of our other pals from college & high school. 

It was SO. MUCH. FUN.  We really enjoyed seeing everyone and even liked playing the silly games that Jeff & Jess came up with.  Bennett must have said that “it was really nice” about a million times on the drive home.  Needless to say, we enjoyed ourselves.

We were greeted with such a warm, cheery Christmas scenery.  Their GIANT tree totally kicked our tree’s butt – both in size and in style.  And the food was delish.  (They were wonderful hosts!)

Louis decided that he wasn’t Maddie’s biggest fan.  Normally he thinks “baby cute!” but that was not the case on Saturday.  He woke up from his car nap the second I pulled him from his carseat…so he was a little cranky.  And I mean, that big meanie-head Maddie did touch his hair AND his magic wand {my giant crochet hook}.  So in 2-year-old terms…fear of a happy, non-crawling, adorable little girl was totally just.

I still haven’t decided if the Joltes are evil or secret geniuses for their party game planning.  We all participated in a gift opening event, but were required to wear oven mitts and a silly elf hat.  I didn’t realize how hard it was to rip wrapping paper with mitts on.  Kudos guys, for making us all look like giant fools. 🙂

And obviously they’re always room on this blog for a picture of the little one being super cute, playing with some toys.  We are lucky that Louis is so willing to travel with us and hang out with/around adults all of the time.  It makes life easier on us and I think he’s well acclimated to various surroundings.  {Most of the time.}

These last pictures are from another ridiculous game they had us play. 🙂  Ridiculous in a good way, I swear!  Jess described a scene and the participants had to draw that scene on the plate that they were holding on their heads.  Somehow, Tanya is a genius head-drawing artist.  The others??  Not so much.  It got a few good laughs, that’s for sure.

Thank you so much to the host and hostess (and little lady hostess!) for letting us hang out in your cute little apartment for the day!!