The Jolly Man visited our house yesterday, with plenty of gifts and goodies for the whole family (dogs included).  We had a great Christmas celebration with our threesome…followed by an entire day of festivities with the Wheeling McKinley crew.

Louis put out a plate of cookies, chocolate and carrots for Santa and his reindeer.  BUT, not before he sunk his little teeth into almost every single one (carrots included!!).  You know…quality control.  Santa was kind enough to leave him a little note in return.

We hung out in our *new Christmas* jammies  until we had to head over to Meredith & David’s house for a yummy brunch.  Something about real {ahem…non turkey} bacon and that sausage bread is more than enough motivation to get us going out the door.  Oh yeah, and I guess the people aren’t that bad to spend time with either. 🙂

Annie introduced us to Leo the Lion, her new snuggle buddy.  And hello!  Have you seen her new haircut?  Ridiculously adorable!!  Let’s please not mention my hair situation.  It was one of those days…that also happens to be one of those days in which people take a million pictures of you.  *sigh.

The little ones made out like bandits, as usual.  It’s fun to watch their excitement while opening gifts.  For a little while there, I was losing my Christmas spirit.  But after having Louis and being around my nieces and nephews, it’s brought a renewed love for the holiday again. 

If you’re wondering where all of the pictures of Louis are in this post, wonder no longer.  SOMEONE decided that he was going to be a turkey and be cranky almost the entire time.  He wouldn’t eat with us, he kept begging us to open things that weren’t his and he was in general being a cranky monster.  The rest of the day was much more pleasant with him…but of course, we didn’t bring our camera with us then.  Go figure. 🙂