Our *ahem* darling dog, Maeby has been a bad girl a few times that Louis has been witness to.  She’s started to act out while we are out of the house by getting into the garbage.  And not in a small way, either.  She tears a single bag up and makes it known that she wasn’t happy with us.

We’ve since then figured out how to keep her out and away from mass destruction…but it’s certainly resonated with Louis.  When he sees anything as it shouldn’t be:

“Maeby naughty.”

Poor girl; she’s getting a bad rap.  Broken terra cotta pots outside of our house.  A rubber glove that he thought was a popped balloon.  Mommy’s crafting scraps all over the place.  ALL are Maeby’s fault, according to the little one.

She really is a wonderful dog.  A girl just can’t catch a break, can she? 🙂