You can’t say goodbye to an entire year of learning, growing and fun without your friends and a little bubbly, can you??  We sure didn’t!

This past Monday (after I got out of the few grueling hours of work I had to endure), we got our NYE best on and prepared for some games and beers with a few of our friends.  It was so much fun and we were glad that everyone was able to make it.  We are finally getting winter weather around here and we were worried that the snowy conditions would deter visitors.  Luckily that was not the case. 🙂

As you can see…our friend Jeff is not exactly afraid of the camera.  So now he’s being punished (or rewarded?? haha) by having me slather these silly pictures of him all over our blog.  You’re welcome, buddy!  Did I forget to mention that Bennett and I aren’t camera shy either?? We’ll suffer the consequences right alongside you, Jeff!

Louis was a straight up PARTY ANIMAL.  He was able to stay up waaaaaaaay past his bedtime and well after the ball dropped.  The top hats were his magician’s hats and he was pulling his doggie out of it while shouting magic-related phrases.  The beaded necklaces were also a big hit for him.

I absolutely LOVED how much fun he was having with those noise makers.  He kept blowing on them and yelling, “It’s party time!” and “Happy Birthday!”  {Happy Birthday = Happy New Year in Louis’ world.}

Bennett made a really good smoochin’ partner to bring in the new year.  Shield your eyes!  Mushy-gushy husband/wife making out picture in 3…..2……1………

Happy New Year everyone!!  Here’s to health, happiness, love and learning in 2013.  I simply can’t wait to see what these next 365 days bring for us.