Have we introduced you to Buster yet?  Maybe not officially.

Buster is Louis’ stuffed dog that he literally takes everywhere with him.  He sleeps with Buster, eats next to Buster, painted with him the other night, kisses Buster….everything.  If there’s ever a moment where he realizes Buster isn’t in his hands, Louis frantically searches the room for him and yells, “My Buster!!” as soon as he catches sight of the stuffed wonder.

A couple of weeks ago, Louis and I were out shopping (with Buster, of course) and there was a giant display of stuffed owls.  For something crazy cheap, like $1.50.  I thought ‘what could be the harm’ and bought it for him.  Famous. Last. Words.

Now he has two stuffed animals that he wants to parade around with him everywhere.  Some days, we can convince him to lay Tobias (the owl) down in the bed, cover him with a sheet and let him sleep until Louis is ready to snuggle with him for his mid-day nap.  But some days, there is no way in hell Louis will let up on the damn owl.  Buster and Tobias.  What a duo.

These pictures, including the dirty look and crocodile tear, are the end results of Bennett having one of the ‘you only get one animal’ battle with little Lou.  Haha.  Oh two-year olds.

As with many things, we choose our battles.  Sometimes the need to have a pleasant day trumps trying to prove our parental point.  Check out little dude below with the giant smile on his face.  Haha.  Victory may have been yours this time, Louis.  But you can’t win them all! 🙂

{These pictures are about a week old.  I can assuredly say that we’ve conquered the multi-animal battle.  Each morning, Bennett and Louis give Tobias a kiss and tuck him into Louis’ bed.  It’s crazy adorable and Louis does it willingly now.  Woohoo!}