Louis loves to paint with his Daddy but we tend to guide his hand along to help with our “vision” of what the painting should be.  We thought it might be fun to let Louis have his very own canvas and to let him paint at will.  Anything and any way he’d like. 

He did a fabulous job and really {surprisingly enough} didn’t make that much of a mess.  The paint was pretty thick so we’re still waiting on it to dry but I’d like to hang it in the house somewhere.  His first masterpiece!  Completely and 100% Louis Brock.

He was really into drawing circles on top of circles, on top of circles.  And the colors were all blending into a brown color by the end of it.  But it was so much fun and I’d highly recommend doing the same with anyone who has a little kiddo of their own.

Heck, I’d recommend doing it as an adult!  There’s something so fun and relaxing about creating.  Whether it’s cooking, drawing, making music, crafting, sewing….anything!  Using your own talents and sitting down to make something is such a fabulous time-spender.  Wouldn’t you agree?