If I must admit, this past Sunday was one of my favorite Sundays in a long time.  Why?  Because I met some FABULOUS people and my family did a little community outreach work.  All in the name of craftiness and love for old buildings…and Valentines Day!

I’ve recently linked up with a few local groups that I’m certain you will be hearing more about from me in the future.  Jenny Brown (Hi, Jenny Brown) and Erin Markan are two gals that I kind of have a crush on right now.  They are a part of Ohio Valley Handmade, which is a community of crafters, makers, artists, buyers and sellers in the Wheeling, West Virginia and surrounding areas.  And they are hilarious, down to earth and super sweet.  Basically this is my public plea for them to allow me to spend more time with them.  Haha.  Anywho…

There is a newly formed group in our community that is filled with 20 & 30 something year-olds that are concerned about the future of our beautiful (somewhat abandoned) downtown buildings.  Wheeling is very rich with history and it’s a shame that the buildings aren’t getting as much love as they deserve and need.  The group goes by the name Ohio Valley Young Preservationists and I look forward to seeing what they are able to accomplish in the Friendly City.

There was a newspaper article featuring the project.  I encourage to read it here.

Basically, Ohio Valley Young Preservationists called upon other local groups to help “lovescape” the downtown area and several old buildings.  Ohio Valley Handmade had a group of people meet at a local eatery and crochet and craft about a billion hearts to decorate the building that we had adopted.  We met yesterday to string the hearts all over our building, as well as a burlap/crocheted banner of awesomeness that read: “Tall, Dark & Handsome”.

“The heart-makers hope that other members of the community will view their handiwork, think about the significance of the structures and formulate ways to rescue endangered or unappreciated buildings.”

I thought I would add that we had some awesome men in-tow with us.  All of the husbands that were in attendance were crazy helpful and deserve major props for all of their work.  Thanks manly men!!

How. Cool. Is. That?  It was a great project and I truly hope that it has other members of this community stopping (even for just a second) to check out what these buildings are and what they represent in regards to the history of our town.  I keep hoping for a push toward refurbishing and repurposing the old charm of Wheeling and maybe this is the start of something great.  A girl can only hope.

A special thanks to Bennett McKinley Photography for the fabulous photos. Now go like all of the groups/pages on Facebook!  They totally deserve your following (I swear).