I’ve always wanted to participate in a 365 daily project but have never found the proper niche for myself to fit into.  I sit at a desk in a boring office for the majority of my weekdays and the photography challenges would just be too stinking hard for me to attempt.

Eureka!  Why not start my own project?

I love handmade.  Everything.  And I almost include a handmade piece into my everyday wardrobe and gear.  So why not celebrate the fact that there are people out there that make totally awesome things by wearing/using them EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. for 365 days?  I can handle that, right??

What I can promise: I will take a picture every day of the handmade things I use and try to include a link so you can find or make your own.

What I cannot promise: That I will blog these every day.  I’ll most likely give you a summary update on a weekly basis.  I would love to think that I can blog daily but I just don’t think that’s possible.  One day that’ll be my goal.

February 12, 2013:  I’m starting out with an accessory from none other than the lovely Britnee at Saigebrush Photography & Knits.  I’ve worn this particular piece about a billion times so far, in my hair or clipped to my shirt.  I wear a lot of plain shirts and I love jazzing it up with a small piece like this.

What is it about rolled flowers that I find so lovely?  Maybe it’s partly because I’ve tried to make my own so many times and have failed.  I just don’t have the touch that Britnee does.  She kinda rocks my socks off.