This post should actually be titled: “My little sister is crazy awesome (but don’t tell her I admitted that publically.)”  I just chose the shorter of the two for the actual header. 

My sister, Sierra, is adorably pregnant right now.  She and her hubby are expecting their first child and it’s a sweet baby girl named Delilah.  I cannot wait!!  I’m super pumped to meet the little gal.  (I’m also planning her baby shower right now so hopefully I’ll take pictures when the time comes to share with you.)

Sierra is a huge fan of Dr. Seuss and decided to decorate Delilah’s nursery as such.  Holy crap, it is so much better than I had pictured it.  Amazing work, little sis!!

She said that once they started making all of the designs and painting the walls with the characters, they just couldn’t stop.  From Horton to the truffula trees and all of the color combos, I think Nick and Sierra have done an incredibly impressive job. 

Let’s not forget to mention that my handyman of a father created this Seuss-inspired bookshelf for Baby D.  And of course it would just so happen that my sister is just as obsessed with the color purple as I am.  Purple everywhere!  I love it!!  I also love how they tied the color of the shelf into trimming details all over the room.

They’ve got plans for a few final touches, one of which includes a custom fishbowl shaped mirror (that somehow my dad plans to produce for them).  And Auntie Katy is going to be gifting them some wall hangings and pennant banners.  But of course, I plan on using them for decorations for the baby shower first…so I can’t deliver them quite yet.

Pin this.  PLEASE.  I feel like this deserves a ton of internet-recognition for fabulous work.  Now it just needs a cute little squishy baby in that crib and it’ll be complete. 🙂

{To get the fine details, Sierra and Nick found an old-school projector and traced the images by hand.  Then, brush stroke by brush stroke, painted it to perfection.  So awesome!}