Good lord.  I have been going through the last 2-1/2 years thinking that I had it “under control” in the Mom department.  Well, as much as one can be under control as a parent.  Holy crap do I have it wrong.  I thought I was all cool and calm and not overbearing.  Turns out that I’m just a crazy Helicopter Mom like the rest of the crazies that I make fun of.

We went to Louis’ first non-family birthday party on Saturday.  His name is Santino and he’s the grandson of my office manager.  He’s also crazy adorable and Louis and him have struck up a mutual friendship in the toddler world. 

Louis has never been around as many children all at once as he was this past Saturday.  And I couldn’t help but feel like I had to guide him through it all.  Bennett made fun of me afterwards…but I just seriously couldn’t stop myself.  I wanted to defend him when someone stepped on his foot accidentally.  I wanted to be his guide during musical chairs.  I wanted to hold his hand through it all.  And I kind of did.  So embarrassed that’s how I acted.

It looks like I’m going to have to learn how to ‘let him go’ as much as he’s going to have to learn how to cope with things on his own.  Louis is smart and can handle himself just fine.  But when his nutso mom is hovering around him, he’ll never learn.  Katy: Back. Off.

It’s just so hard!

Bennett is clearly the cooler and calmer of the two of us.  Obviously that’s why we make a good team.  He’s semi-normal and I’m bat shit crazy.  Average us out and we are one awesome person, haha.

Santino had a super awesome Super Hero themed birthday party.  Lucky for us, Louis’ last birthday party had the same theme so we had the proper gear for it.  The little dude wears his mask and cape all of the time at home and runs around rescuing people.  It’s clear that he stayed in character at this party as well.

Minus a mild breakdown during Musical Chairs, I’d say that Louis did really well and we had a really nice time.  Next time, I promise to let him run free a lot more than I did this time around.  It’s hard to let your babies grow!  So emotional for me…

Lou sure likes his buddy Tino.  I look forward to seeing how their little friendship develops.  Aren’t these two super heroes pretty awesome?