Things I’m learning during this process greatly include the fact that self-portraits really aren’t that easy.  Especially when you’re trying to take a picture of you wearing a pair of earrings.  Maybe I need to do some reading on other blogs for suggestions on how to not look like a total goober while doing this.

Here are five days worth of handmade goodness:

Feb 16, 2013: This purple chunky bracelet is from a local gal that goes by Nikolina. Sadly, I think she’s closed her shop for now. Hopefully she’ll be back soon!

Feb 17, 2013:  I’m ashamed to say that I can’t remember the name of this company. It’s Mad-something and these are a gorgeous pair of earrings that my mother-in-law gave me as a gift last year.  What makes them extra special to me is that they’re made by a girl out of Michigan (my mother land). 🙂

Feb 18, 2013: Another earring shot, this time I can tell you where they came from.  This redhead girl I know :cough:me:cough: makes and sells them in her store.  Handmade Escapade.  Have you heard of it?

Feb 19, 2013: What’s that?  More Handmade Escapade swag?  For shame!  This little buddy is a new design of mine, right before St. Patrick’s Day.  Beer, Irish inspired-designs and handmade koozies?  Sounds like my kind of party!

Feb 20, 2013: I cannot begin to tell you how awesome this things is.  I found it on Etsy by a seller named Dundry Hill.  Holy cow, this lady rocks my socks off.  It’s a diaper wristlet that you can drop into your purse for daytrips.  Oh…and there’s a matching changing pad that goes in the built in pocket.  AND the fabric is freaking adorable.  Jealous?  I’m sure you are!

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