Hello lovelies!!  In honor of Valentine’s Day being around the corner {and my undying love for things with hearts all over them}, I thought I’d give you a little inspiration for revamping some of your own gear.  This is less of a tutorial than it is ‘here: go try this!’ because I didn’t exactly give step-by-step instructions.  But I think you can follow along just fine.

DISCLAIMER:  I have never once pretended to be a good housekeeper.  The pictures you are about to encounter are going to be full of the mess of a space that I call my craft room.  I’d rather be playing with my kiddo and making fun things than cleaning my house.  Priorities, right? Haha.

I started with two things:

  • An old(ish) long-sleeved t-shirt.
  • A thrifted sequined vest that I had no actual application for.

If you want to make something like this and don’t have either of these things laying around your house, it would be just as easy to head to somewhere like Wal-Mart and pick up one of their plain t’s in the juniors section. And then head to a fabric shop (ie: Joann Fabrics) and get a tiny scrap of sequin fabric. I promise the cost wouldn’t be very much and the results are fun and fab.

I could have been a responsible gal and printed up a template for me to trace the heart.  But I never can do things the proper way, so I just free-handed a heart.  I like things a little less than perfect for the most part anyway.  I think a star or a letter (like a giant K!) would also be super cute.  The sky is the limit!  This is your shirt, after all.

And if you do it like I did, I just hacked out the heart.  Sequin halves went flying every which direction and are now covering my entire table.  Back to the non-housekeeping aspect of my life…they’re still there as I type this.  I do plan on vacuuming them up tonight though.  I swear!

You can attach the heart to the t-shirt in any way you’d like.  I created a basic fuse with some fabric glue and then stitched the edges in an applique-ish way with my sewing machine. 

Tadaaaa!!  You’ve now got a super cute, super sparkly, super in-theme of Valentine’s Day shirt.  If you’re like me, you won’t waste any time in wearing it.  I can never wait more than a day to show off my newest creations.

I don’t know about you, but I get serious amount of excitement and pride when I’ve made something new.  Especially when it’s more of a renewed piece of clothing from something I’ve previously owned.  Who doesn’t like a thrifty girl??

I’m super happy with my new shirt!  I’ve been obsessed with the idea of sequined EVERYTHING because I see it everywhere right now.  A little extra sparkle in your day never hurts, does it?

What design is your shirt going to have?  I’d love to hear!