What I’m not posting is pictures of the fabulous trip that we took last week.  Because I haven’t even started to begin looking through them, weeding out the best ones, editing them and posting them online.  It’s like a whole job in itself.

What I am posting are these crazy cute pictures that Bennett took of Louis a while ago that I’ve somehow failed to share until now.  Are you kidding me with these?

It’s like, “Hi, I’m Louis Brock.  And in a few short years, I will be breaking many hearts with my incredible dashing looks.  Until then, I’ll just melt my Momma’s into a giant puddle on the floor.”  My favorite pictures of Louis are the ones that we aren’t trying to get.  We don’t pose him, we don’t make him say cheese or attempt to get him to make a silly face.  Bennett simply picks up the camera and lets him react to it.

Let kids be kids, right?

I love this silly little monkey.  He’s certainly going to be keeping me on my toes for many years to come.  Worth it. 🙂