One of the bloggers I follow had a series for a while that she called ‘Just Because It’s Friday’.  She would post random things that didn’t necessarily fit into her general blogging format.  It didn’t follow any rules because it didn’t have to.  Because it’s Friday and you can post whatever you want.

I thought I’d give it a try today and mix a little personal, blast from the past kind of stuff into this blog of mine.  Why not, right?  It’s Friday!  Recently, I came across this picture from my WVU college days.  My how things have changed over these few short years. 🙂

A few random facts about College Katy:

  • I used to be blonde.  GASP!!  Actually…I was blonde right up until around the time I met Bennett.  Maybe I was always supposed to be a ginger. 🙂
  • I wore a lot of eyeliner back then.
  • My everyday attire generally included a graphic t-shirt with a weird saying on it.  Much like this rad “Hi Mom’” shirt.  Oy.

Happy Friday, lovelies!  If you’re out enjoying the St. Patrick’s Day festivities this weekend, have fun and please be safe!!