Project: Baby Book

Mar 13, 2013

I have a confession to make.

I am REALLY good at taking {and editing!!} a million pictures of my son, husband, dogs, food, crafts and everything in between.  But I am HORRIBLE at actually doing something with them, other than letting them sit on my computer hard drive.  Or Facebook.  Or my phone.  We’ve finally started printing canvases of our favorite photos, so we have some wall art.  But beyond that, my scrapbooking has gotten way, way, way behind.

We were married in July 2009.  I just printed our wedding album a few months ago.  Only 3-1/2 years after the big event.  Yep.  Go Katy.

I’ve tried about a billion times to start working on my son’s baby book (who is now quickly approaching his 3rd birthday) and I keep editing and re-editing the design.  I can’t seem to get the style quite like I want it.  And then I get frustrated and give up.

Enter: Project Life.  Hello lifesaver!!  Have you heard of it?  {I was teased by my sis-in-law when I told her of my new discovery.  Because apparently it’s not so new and I’m late to the party on this one, haha.}

This company makes documenting your life so much easier.  And you kind of feel like a rockstar when you finish a page because you hardly had to do any work.  Eureka!  I”ve found my solution!!

I opted for the digital version because I like sending my books to to have them print and bind them for me.  We’ve got books from 2003-2009 printed with Blurb and I feel so cool when people tell me that it looks like we’ve got yearbooks of our life.  Looks like I’ve found a new way of designing my 2010 and beyond pages.  Whoop whoop!!

I downloaded the Baby Edition for Him and have started on my way to a finished book for our little Louis.  I love the journaling cards because they have prompts on them to help me add little bits and pieces of the journey of my pregnancy and the early time with my guy.  I simply cannot wait until I have it all finished and ready to send to the printer.  A big ole’ happy dance will occur when that happens…you can count on that.

**I promise that this is not a paid or requested plug by either Blurb or Project Life.  It’s just me, sharing with you, something that I think is worthy of talking about on here. 


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