Being that we live just a few miles from Oglebay’s Good Zoo, we finally broke down and decided to purchase ourselves a membership.  Louis is at the age where a good trip to the zoo a few times a year is totally worth it.  He loves seeing them and we don’t mind the extra outdoor time and exercise.  Win-win!

Bennett also saw this as an opportunity to take some fabulous photos.  So maybe it was a win-win-win?? 

I had a few super proud Momma moments during this trip.  Louis, being a single child, is generally a very cautious one.  He’s not always into trying new things, especially if they seem dangerous to him.  (But the things that are actually dangerous never seem to be a problem for him to get into!)  Slides are generally not his thing.  For some reason, he’s never liked them and I think it’s been mostly out of fear.  But Saturday?  Slides were not an issue.  He climbed that sucker without any persuasion at all from our parenting team and went down all by himself. 

Yay Louis!!


Proud Momma Moment #2 was when we headed to the lorikeet cages.  Last time, Louis was NOT a fan of the birds.  He was okay with them from afar but up close was so not cool.  This time around he held the nectar to feed them, wanted them to sit on his arm and even tried to kiss one.  It was adorable.  I can also give myself a pat on the back for being more okay with birds.  Go Katy!


Okay, so we took a lot of bird pictures.  Here are some cute ones of that husband of mine. 🙂

Oglebay has a new dinosaur display right now that Louis L.O.V.E.D.  At first, he said that he didn’t even want to see them.  And then as soon as we got up close, he never wanted to leave.  They are moving, noise-making dinosaurs and he loved every single second of it.  It figures because the kid is constantly running around our house roaring and pretending to be a T-Rex.  It only makes sense that he’d be a fan.

Bennett set out to take a few pictures of the birds that were in the pond and this black swan was out to get him!  It followed him from one side of the water to the next and was even biting at the fence to get to Bennett.  (This is exactly why I don’t like birds!!  They can be so aggressive!)

Oh and a big ‘thank you’ goes out to Mother Nature for deciding to give us beautiful weather for two weekends in a row.  It’s super awesome when the humidity is low and the temperatures are mild.

Want to see past Good Zoo trips?  You can find one {here} and another {here}.  I love seeing the crazy amount of progression in our photo taking and editing abilities as well.  Go Team McKinley! 🙂