Holy crap, I love my friends and family.  2013 was the fifth time we walked and raised money for Light the Night and the third year that I ran Caps for Chemo as a promotion.  And somehow you guys haven’t gotten sick of me begging for your support on all of this.

This year’s results?  $360 raised for Light the Night and a total of 36 hat donated.  Can a girl get a ‘whoop whoop’??!!  That’s so amazing!  You can read about past year’s results for 2009 {here}, 2010 {here}, 2011 {here} and 2012 {here}.

The actual walk was last night and we had a few last minute donations pull us up a little higher in the ranks.  Thanks to everyone who donated, either in hats or moolah.  You’ll never understand how heart-swelling it is when I get those notifications in my email that someone else performed another selfless act. 

I get slightly giddy when I put all of the hats with their donor tags into one large package.  A lot of time went into each of those and to have such a large amount be heading to people who could use a little extra cheering….oh man.  It’s the best feeling in the world.  You guys should all be really proud of yourselves!

Louis particularly enjoyed the balloon aspect of last night.  And once we were home, he was threatening to pop them so it would scare George Michael (our scaredy-cat dog).  You know…little boy stuff. 🙂

Five years of fundraising have been inspired by some amazing people in my family that have had to endure things I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.  Not that I have a lot of enemies.  But if I did…cancer isn’t something I’d want them to have to deal with. Maybe chronic head lice or something just annoying.  <——–unnecessary rambling

My stunning auntie and my big brother (who will probably kill me for writing ‘Billy Bob’, haha) are amazing and strong people and I”m lucky to have them in my life.  I look forward to the day where they are BOTH on the cancer free status.  One down, one to go. Love you both!!

BTW – 2014 CFC & LTN?  I’m coming for you!