^^^ This was brought to you by a special little 2-year old in our family.  He wanted to contribute on the blog, since he’s kind of the main focus on here anymore.

I’m here to talk Easter today!  Let’s just say that my Facebook feed was full of pictures of parents giving their children baskets upon baskets of goodies and I was not one of them.  I’m kind of getting burned out over this holiday stuff and I’m thinking we are going to be toning back what we celebrate and what we don’t.  Or what we celebrate to the max and what we just acknowledge calmly.

Easter is going to be a calm one for us.

We did, however, manage to crash someone else’s Easter celebrations.  We went over to our friends’ house in the morning and their neighbors had a big egg hunt for the kiddos.  Louis participated, in the sense that he proudly carried his basket and selectively picked up eggs.  He also somehow swindled a cash prize (a single, crisp dollar bill!) and a pair of binoculars.  Nice work, kid.

I love this series of pictures Bennett took, of Louis trying to get the egg out of the tree.  It was juuuust out of his reach but he was determined to make it his.

I think we can safely assume that the little guy had a great time.  He especially is enjoying spending extra time with his new bestie, Alexander.  The group shot that we got was the only one that turned out where Louis and Alexander weren’t holding their prized binoculars up to their eyes.  Little boys.  I tell ya.

And seriously…don’t for one second think that he wasn’t going to utilize his new “tools” for some creeping on the neighbors.  Because he totally did.

We spent the rest of Easter morning like any normal group of adults would.  The gals sat and gossiped, while watching the little ones play and the guys gathered in the kitchen to brew up a batch of beer.  Yum!

We *did* also do family stuff later that day.  But our camera battery was kinda/sorta dead and we had a severe crankypants of a child because he refused to sleep.  Even though he was exhausted.  *sigh*

Dinner was delicious, Meredith & David!  Thanks for having us over and sorry for running out early!  And thanks to “the Cult” (because we haven’t come up with a better name for the group of crazies we’ve inducted ourselves into) for entertaining us in the morning!