Yesterday turned out to be the perfect night for some outdoor playtime.  It was still a bit chillier than I would like but it was beautiful and sunny and mild…not too shabby for an early Spring day.

It’s crazy the difference between Louis’ activities this time last year and now.  He’s so interested in sports and pretending to be super heroes and he never stops moving.  I feel like we could contain him a little more last year…but I’m also super happy to have a healthy, active (in body and imagination!) little guy to spend my days with.

Bennett went to a local used sports store and got Louis a whiffle bat and some balls.  He is surprisingly good at baseball.  The kid is a real natural and has great hand-eye coordination.  If/when I’m capable of throwing the ball to him properly, he hits it almost every time.  And I love that he doesn’t get frustrated when he misses, he just carries on and tries again.  We have so much to learn about self esteem from toddlers.

We found an old children’s golf set that we thought Lou might want to play with as well.  We set him up with a whiffle ball on a golf tee and let him have his turn.  Of course, he loved it.

Louis also loves doing things “like Daddy”.  He might look like me, but he sure has a lot of Bennett characteristics.

We have this bush that blooms these gorgeous, bright yellow buds every spring.  So I say, “Hey Bennett, can you take a picture of me in front of them?”  He did, but not without a few dirty looks from me (caught on camera) because he was being all snarky and stuff about things.  Turkey.

I’m neverrrrr snarky or sassy.  Sweet as sugar, this one.