Good lord, I never would have thought that I would have such a hard time with a haircut.  But this one is getting to me.  I came home from lunch yesterday to find that Bennett had cut Louis’ hair in the morning.  Lets just say that I wasn’t thrilled and I wasn’t the nicest about it.

Maybe I’m holding onto things I shouldn’t but I love Louis’ thick and unruly hair and I think he’s allowed to have it like this when he’s little because he’ll be expected to have a tame head of hair when he’s older.  Right now let that wild hair fly, child!  I knew he needed a haircut but this wasn’t what I had in mind.

He’s still the handsome little man that likes to give his Momma kisses and snuggles.  But now he looks older and I think it’s breaking my heart.  Hopefully it’ll grow out quickly so I can go back to pretending that this never happened.

And publically I’d like to apologize to my husband.  Sorry Bennett!  I love you and I’ll try harder next time not to get so emotional over a few hairs being chopped.

PS.  This picture?  His new favorite superhero is Thor.  Louis wears his Super Louis cape (no mask) and runs around with a hammer, pretending to control lighting with it.  It’s adorable.  Sweet Thor sticker on his shirt too, eh?