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Apr 24, 2013

I feel like starting out by saying something super sassy like “oooooo child”!  But then I realize that I’m so not cool enough to say that, so maybe I shouldn’t. 🙂

I found the most awesome company: Cut It Out.  Ken, the owner, makes and sells these gorgeous wooden frames that are a lot like the ones you’ve been seeing all over the place.  Whimsy designs.  Gorgeous colors.  The best part is that they are a fraction of the cost of the name brand companies AND they are so. much. better. than the ideas that I’ve seen on Pinterest to just modpodge pictures onto a plaque.  Seriously.  Buy from Ken!

I bought three frames from Cut It Out, two of which I decided to tackle last night.  The third one that I purchased is giant and I need to pick a picture for it before I can choose the color.  You know, it’s a process.  The smaller one fits an 8×10 photo and the larger is for an 11×14.

I love them so much I could eat them.  That’s weird, right?

As we’ve learned, whenever we have a project to do, Louis always wants to be a part of it.  I don’t blame him.  We have a lot of fun making things!  It’s just when it comes to paint, I’d prefer that he paints his own masterpiece and leaves my project to me.  We gave him a small canvas for him to paint on and it gave me a chance to get what I needed done.

In the most obvious move ever, I picked purple as one of my colors.  Duh.  What else would I choose?  The green was picked special for a wedding that Bennett and I are photographing this Saturday.  We will throw a chalkboard into that badboy and use it as a prop during A+A’s big day.  It’ll be sweet.

Per the owner’s suggestion, we used an acrylic paint.  I’m glad we didn’t go the spray paint route (which was also a choice) because I’m a very liberal painter and I get a little messy with it.  Plus, acrylic paint dries super fast and I was able to put two coats on during the time we were outside.  It worked out perfect.

And check out the sweet stylings of Mr. Louis.  I think he’s catching the purple fever like his Momma.  As I was editing this picture last night, he was so excited and proud to see his painting up on the computer.  So cute!

Isn’t this frame awesome?  I love it even more with the chalkboard in it.  And – once the wedding is over, we have something fun to use in our house.  Maybe a message board to write random notes to Bennett & Louis?

The purple frame was used for something super important that I felt needed a little more pizzazz.

I mean…what business license doesn’t need a bright, whimsical frame?  Mine certainly did!


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