On Saturday, Bennett and I headed up to Pennsylvania (just outside of Wash PA) to photograph a wedding.  It wasn’t just any wedding, either.  It was Amanda & Andy’s wedding.  And it was amazing.

I met Andy back in 2007(ish) when I was working at Best Buy in Morgantown.  He was a newbie in my department and we hit it off immediately.  I mean…he’s adorable and super nice and smart.  Basically there was no reason he wouldn’t be my friend.  Amanda started working there after we’d already moved to Michigan but the first day I met her, we danced in their living room to bad rap music and were obnoxious together.  So I pretty much loved her from the first moment I laid eyes on her.

I can’t even begin to tell you how happy we are for the newlyweds.  They more than deserve each other and we were BEYOND honored that we got to photograph their wedding.  As if wedding photography doesn’t have enough pressure behind it, try doing it for your besties.  ALL I wanted to do was nail every shot.  I think Bennett and I did really well and I’m excited to get all of the pictures edited and launched for everybody to see.

Until then, we have sneak peeks on Bennett’s Facebook Page.  And for those of you stumbling across this of my friends that attended the wedding or simply want to see the whole shebang when the pictures are available…you can preregister at this website {http://proofs.mckinley-photography.net/pustay} and you will automatically be emailed as soon as the pictures go live.

As crazy as it sounds, I can thank Best Buy for bringing me together with some of my closest friends.  I can probably even thank Best Buy for allowing me to meet Bennett, albeit not directly (we were introduced through someone I worked with at BBY).  Each wedding is basically a reunion and it always ends with my face hurting from smiling and laughing so hard the entire time.  It’s fun to be able to pick back up with these people whom I don’t get enough face-time with….well, ever. 

That blue and yellow hell-hole will always hold a special place in my heart.  And I still can’t hear the phrase “How’s everybody doing today?” without wanting to sarcastically yell: “Great!  No place I’d rather be!”  <—you’d have to be there for that one.

I hope to try and blog more of these photos.  But I think I’m going to have to wait until they’re finished because I can’t allow myself to get too distracted.  Easier said than done, I suppose.

I’m going to throw out one more giant: CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! in the direction of A+A.  Hope you guys are getting some epic winding-down together time, as I’m sure your wedding day was a lot like ours: a whirlwind of fun and craziness.  Love you both!!