Do you ever have an “off day” that becomes an “off week”.  I just feel like I’m totally not on my game right now and I’m hoping to shake it this weekend.  Work, house duties, Handmade Escapade developing/growing…they’ve all been a little overwhelming for some reason or another.  Hopefully a good beer and some outside time will be just the medicine I need to get back to normal.

Today I had to laugh because I thoughtlessly put on a dress of mine, went to work and realized that I bought and first wore this very dress almost 10 years ago to-the-date.  For my Senior Awards Banquet I chose this dress and it’s stayed in my closet and traveled from house to house in my many moves.  So strange that I’m able to hold on to certain pieces of clothing without a thought.

A ten year’s difference just makes me feel plain old.  OLD, I tell ya!  Here are some things that make me feel better though:

  • I can still fit into a dress from 10 years ago.  When I was “high school skinny” and my metabolism was much higher than it is now.
  • I stopped curling my bangs under.  THANK GOD.
  • I’ve learned how to angle my face into a camera so I don’t look like a giant blockhead. Ha!

I’m also creeping very closely to another birthday, which I’m actually okay with (except when Bennett reminds me again that I am older than he is).  Twenty-eight can’t be so bad, right?  I feel like the closer I get to thirty, the more comfortable I am with myself.  Weird Katy with her weird, never-in-trend style and habits is actually okay.  I like who I am and I embrace my weirdness.  As everyone should!

^^This picture?  Totally unrelated to any of my ramblings today.  I just took it the other day and thought it was too pretty not to share.  These flowers are growing all around the perimeter of our house and I luuuuuurve them.  I also love that they’re in a jar that was once home to some Kosher dill pickles.  Embrace weirdness! 🙂