Before I delve into the obnoxious sharing of a million and one photos of my new baby niece, I have to share with you this one picture.  Non-baby.  Mouth-watering.  We went to Indiana over the weekend and got to see my sister, my niece, my brother-in-law and my Momma. 

Mom spoiled us all by having us wake up on Saturday to the most delicious thing in the entire world: her cinnamon rolls.  She makes them from scratch and is HANDS DOWN the best thing I’ve ever eaten.  She’s a fabulous cook and baker and I think this is one of her most sought-after treats with our family and friends.

^^These look delicious and they’re not even cooked yet.  GAH!  I ate way too many in one sitting and decided it was a guilt-free weekend of food.

Now on to Sweet D. 
She had a little bit of a rough start, by having to spend her first week in the NICU, but she’s too tough to let that stop her.  I’m jealous of her head of hair (Louis was basically bald until he was two!) and she’s such a good baby.  She was either sleeping or happy the whole time.  Which isn’t fair because Sierra used to be a little hellion when she was little!!

We weren’t sure how Louis was going to feel about the baby.  At his age, it’s either total curiosity or not a single hint of interest.  He went the curiosity route and was super sweet with her.  Louis kept trying to give Delilah her pacifier, whether she needed it or not.  And when he asked me if he could hold D, I did not hesitate to let him do so.  Sweet cousin bonding is beyond heart-melting for me.

I’m really proud of Sierra and Nick, in terms of their new parenting skills.  They are so relaxed and seem like naturals, as if they’ve been doing this baby thing for years now.  Even if she was only in their lives for a tiny two weeks. 

My mom, who claims to “not be the best seamstress” made this a-freaking-dorable crib quilt for Delilah.  Sierra’s nursery is Dr. Seuss themed (see it here!!) and her quilt was made to match it perfectly.  It is seriously awesome.  I wish I could see what Mom could produce if she would just actually learn how to sew.  Haha.  ::rolls eyes::

I attempted to take some newborn photos of D.  And although I did get a few really adorable ones of her, I didn’t get to accomplish all that I set out for.  She didn’t want to get into that newborn deep-sleep and kept waking up whenever I tried to pose her.  I swear she was about to threaten to cut me if I messed with her one more time.  So violent at such a young age!

You could tell in Mom’s face that she was happy to be with everyone.  If only Billy had been there too!  It was the first time in seven (or more, yikes!) years since we’ve been together on Mother’s Day.  And now her two daughters are mothers themselves, which made it even more special.

I told you I was about to overload you with pictures, right?

It was really hard to have to leave on Sunday but I’m glad that this weekend happened in the first place.  I’m happy that my family is full of so many adventurous people, who are willing to go wherever the wind takes them and makes them happy.  But I also wish that we all lived like a million miles closer.  I’m kind of tired of traveling in my old age. 

Overall conclusion from these photos?  I have a beautiful family.