Louis is a total boy in the sense of his interests.  Rocks, marbles, superheroes, fart jokes…you name it.  But he isn’t the biggest fan of getting dirty and bugs – which I always thought were stereotypical “little boy” things.  Is this something he’s going to grow out of?  Because right now, his scream when he sees a bug (which we have plenty of, given the house we live in) almost sounds like he’s being attacked or something.  Terrifying when you’re in a different room and you hear that.  Ugh.

For some reason, the outside of our house right now is crawling with caterpillars.  And Louis is not a fan.  We are trying to just ignore his fear and show him how silly bugs can be but he’s not buying it.  In fact, we now have to carry him in and out of our front door because that’s their place of congregation.  Those man-eating caterpillars are out of control!

He’s showing signs of interest in them but mostly fear.  It’s okay to view them from afar but if you dare get him near one, he climbs you like a monkey and won’t let go.  Curiosity isn’t winning in this case.  But we will just keep trying.

^^ I can’t help but think Louis looks like his Uncle Billy in these pictures.  With his short haircut, his ears stick out a little bit more and it reminds me of big-eared Billy as a youngster.  Is anyone else seeing that?

I think Lou is a good mixture of Boltze and McKinley – and he’s both a daddy’s boy and a momma’s boy.  Although he leans a little more on the momma side…but I think that’s just because I’m at work most of the day and he wants as much time with me as possible when I’m home.

Whatever he is, our caterpillar-fearing, cape wearing, super silly boy makes every day fun and exciting.  I’m sooooo looking forward to all of the outdoor time we will continue to have with him this spring/summer/fall.  Who wants to come over and play with us??