Louis has declared that “Alexander is my best friend ever”.  (Which I think threw a wrench into his previous declaration that Daddy was his best friend ever, haha.)  I think it’s incredibly sweet to watch our little guy forming friendships and learning to get along with other kiddos.  Sharing is still on our list of things to conquer, but he’s getting there. 🙂

We went over to the Alexander & his family’s house yesterday to get a small visit in.  As soon as we got there, Louis made me take his shirt off of him.  Not because anyone else was doing the same…but because for some reason he couldn’t play in the pirate ship without losing his shirt.  Boys….

I kept saying that we are “of the fair-skinned variety” and I’m already freaking out about him being burned to a crisp in this blazing sun we’ve been having lately. 

For a boy who isn’t the biggest fan of going on slides, you would have never been able to guess yesterday.  He had so much fun once they set the slide to end up in the kiddie pool full of water.  Lou loved it.  LOVED it.  It certainly gives me hope for his overcoming other fears/hesitation in the near future.  It’s just all about continuing to introduce things to him and suggest it over and over.

Ahhhh….sweet summertime.  Thanks for showing up!