As I’ve mentioned a few {bazillion} times, Louis loves superheroes.  Being superheroes, watching superheroes, forcing his parents to be superheroes, playing with superheroes…the works.  I play along the best I can but I really stink at having an imagination for this type of things and mainly just run behind him, following his lead on world-saving antics.

Louis’ powers include, but are not limited to: running super fast, flying and shooting something (fire maybe??) out of his palms.  He is in character as soon as his cape and mask are on and you’re corrected every time you call him anything but Super Louis.  No variation is allowed. 

For example:
“Hey Louis, are you hungry for spaghetti?” “I Super Louis.”
“Hey Louis, do you want to go for a ride?” “I Super Louis.”
“Hey Louis, want to play baseball?” “I Super Louis.”

What I’ve probably not mentioned before is who Bennett and I truly are, when we aren’t being our civilian selves.  Allow me to introduce our superhero alter-egos: Firestar and Iceman.

I have to admit, I am sort of flattered that I’m the curvaceous, sexy redhead.  And Bennett bounces between being this muscle-bound ice dude and having Louis call him Iron Man…so I don’t think he’s upset with the choices either.

He’s watched them a bunch while navigating our iPad and finding ‘Spiderman and His Amazing Friends’ on Netflix.  It’s a cartoon from the 1980s that features Spidey and these two…fighting crime alongside each other.  We find it pretty awesome that Super Louis has much more of an interest in the classic shows than the more recent versions that are available.

I’m thinking maybe we’ve got this year’s Halloween costumes picked out for us already?  I’m not sure how I feel about wearing a skintight, yellow bodysuit though.  Hmm…

Have a SUPER weekend, folks!!