We had our first weekend in a long time where we “didn’t have anything to do”.  Which is really a lie because we always end up being busy and going places.  Saturday morning was spent bottling beer with some friends while trying to teach Louis not to scream and cry every time someone looked at a toy that wasn’t even his.  Teaching an only child, who also happens to be the youngest kiddo with all of our friends/family, to share is probably the most stressful parenting task I’ve had so far.  Lots of deep breaths, gritted teeth and apologies have happened lately.

I feel like my pictures are constantly a plug for my indie business.  Either Louis, Bennett or myself is always wearing something that I’ve made.  I swear it’s not staged!   The weather was really nice…but Louis decided that he was ‘freezing??” and we had to put this sweatshirt on him.  It was a nice 70-something outside but breezy and apparently he was freezing.  Not that he’s dramatic or anything.

Back when we were just a two-some, Bennett and I seemed to only take pictures of our dogs.  Now that we have a hysterical/adorable/always moving child, we seem to have gotten away from that.  Sorry guys, we do love you!  It’s just that your antics are far less entertaining than Louis’.

We do have the two best dogs ever, though.  Maeby (the German shepherd/lab on the left) is probably the sweetest dog out there.  She’s totally a momma’s girl and I’m okay with that…except when she sleeps at/on my feet at night and I can’t move.  George Michael (the beagle/dachshund on the right) is also sweet but much more of a handful and has weird/skittish tendencies.  Both were rescue pups and we love them dearly.

Having a child is constantly being taught a lesson.  The biggest one that I’m being taught is to let go and not be such a crazy person.  I’ll never stop being crazy…let’s just get straight.  But I’m trying to let Louis explore things on his own – even if it means he’s going to fall down or not totally like the outcome.  Because some of our greatest lessons in life are the ones that teach you what not to do.

Normally, I would be hovering around him so he didn’t fall face-first into the creek.  I know he’d hate being wet and it would scare him a good bit.  But I also don’t want him to not try things because Momma is afraid his balance is a bit off.  Soooooo….I’m taking a step back and letting him do his thing.  The house isn’t really that far from where we play and I can always carry a soaking wet child up the hill without too much worry.

But the child is allowed to get as dirty as he wants.  That’s never my issue.  Dirt washes out and there really isn’t a better feeling than having a little dirt under your fingernails sometimes.  Louis has more problems with being dirty than I do but I’m sure he’ll get over this and enjoy a little time in the mud.

If you’re wondering where his hat went in the last few pictures…it’s on my head.  A few times now, he’s made me wear his hat and has declared that he is Momma and I’m Louis.  Seriously the kiddo never stops play-pretending.  His imagination is leaps and bounds beyond my own.

I tried to capture the essence of Louis in a picture, while “being” Louis.  But I think I failed.  I just kind of look like a giant doofus…so I really only captured the essence of myself.  Nuts.