Play Dates and Playgrounds

Jun 17, 2013

Although these photos are a few days behind in sharing, I thought I’d do so anyway.  Bennett took Louis to the playground at our local park last week to have a playdate with some kiddos.  Of course, Mr. Photographer brought the camera along as well.  Who doesn’t love a good picture of pure joy beaming from some littles’ faces?

I almost cried when I first saw these photos.  Mostly because I’m a sad sap.  But also because these show a lot of independence and growth in my little boy and I hate it I’m trying to embrace it.  You want your child to grow up and develop and yet you don’t.  AGH!  The heart of a parent is always being pulled in so many directions!

Bennett took one of my absolute favorite pictures of Louis, to-date.  I’m seeing a canvas order for our walls in the near future!!  The colors, the tunnel, that look on his face while wearing his superhero costume.  I die.

Louis asks us at least once a day if he can play with his friend Alexander.  Luckily he lives nearby, has an awesome momma who invites us to do things all the time, and Alexander likes him back.  All of these things create a recipe for lots of toddler fun.

Alexander has an adorable little brother that always tags along too.  I think Louis is still trying to figure out how to play with someone younger than him.  Even though William is almost the same height as Louis (who is a year and a half older than him!), he’s still aware that he is younger and Louis is slightly perplexed with his style of interaction.

^^Doesn’t it look like they’re deep in conversation?  William, you are such a cutie pie!!

We can’t say that Louis is a boring child, right?  He sure knows how to accessorize!!  Tattoo on his arm, moustache tshirt, superhero cape and mask…you go boy! 

The day rounded out by having Mary over for some drinks and outside time.  Louis picked her some flowers, got spoiled with some treats and loved on his Grandma for a couple of hours.  Aren’t grandparents the best?

Happy Monday, loves!  Hope your Father’s Day weekend was fab!


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