We had a great weekend.  Busy as ever, but apparently that part isn’t going away anytime soon.  Bennett second-shot a wedding on Saturday and left time for Momma & Louis to play.  We decided to walk down to our new besties’ house for some outdoor fun with their kids (and perhaps a taste or two of the beer that Bennett brewed with them a while back).

In his usual fashion when we are at their house, Louis wanted to strip down to his diaper and play in the pool and on the slide.  Can you blame the kid?  He’s adorable in just his knickers and it’s super fun to play on their outdoor gear.  Plus, the A + W are so cute and sweet and Louis loves his playtime with them.  We are lucky to have found this great group of people!

Seriously, William?  Get out of here with your cuteness.  You are too much!

Sunday, we were lucky enough to have some very special visitors make their way to Wheeling.  Laurie (Momma T) was my math teacher at the Math/Science/Technology Center that I attended for my four years of high school.  Yes.  You read that right.  I, Katy McKinley, used to be good at math.  And science!  Haha.

It was really wonderful to be able to see Laurie (and to met HER momma) and catch up on everything.  This is a woman that knew me when I was 14-17 years old and we haven’t seen each other since.  Ten years later and I’m married with a [superhero] son and looking ten years older.  And she seriously looks like she hasn’t aged a bit.  Maybe I should have asked her secret to staying so young??

Part of it is probably because she’s so active.  This woman, I tell ya.  She is on a mission to run a marathon in every state of this beautiful country of ours.  I think she’s on #31??  And she’s got 2014 planned out, where she will be completing the last of them.  We talked a bit about personal goals and not comparing yourself to other people.  It’s something I’m certainly working on lately.  She’s really an inspiring person and I am honored to have been one of her students.  Heck, I’m still learning from her!

As much as I wish Facebook wasn’t a part of my daily life, I’m so glad that it is.  Without it, I wouldn’t have kept in touch with all of my friends/classmates/teachers like I have.  Thank you so much for taking the several hour detour to spend the evening with us, Momma T!  It meant a lot!