Thanks to our dear friends Brittany & Eddie, Louis has completed an entire superhero outfit for dress-up.  Captain America has made a semi-permanent appearance since this costume arrived at our house.  It’s pretty freaking adorable.

Trying to photograph Louis wearing this was nearly impossible because he wouldn’t stand still for two seconds.  He wanted to yell about robots and throw his shield at things.  I’m so glad we always have a protector around.  And someone with such big muscles is an added bonus to any possible villains!  One look at him and I’m sure they’ll think twice before messing with our house and home. 🙂

Captain AmeriLou’s vocabulary continues to grow on a daily basis.  I love when he learns how to put something we’ve said into context and my current favorites are his exclamations.

“Ohbygosh!” –or–  “Ohbygoodness!”

I wish you could hear how his sweet little voice says it, too.  “Robots are coming!  Ohbygosh!”  It’s really hard not to repeat it straight back to him or smile from ear-to-ear when you hear it.  Gah.  Love him and all of his wonderful ways.