Yesterday was a sunny, cool and non-rainy day.  So obviously it was necessary to spend the evening outdoors.  I feel like we often get into the same routine with our outside time and to switch it up a little, we decided to have a little painting hour.  Super glad we did.  It’s always fun to get your fingers a little paint-covered and let your creativity flow.

I read somewhere that suggested to have your toddler paint with q-tips instead of a paintbrush.  We’ve used brushes in the past and he’s done fine with control, it’s just that they really soak in a lot of extra paint and it creates a lot of extra mess.  The q-tips actually worked really well!  They’re smaller, easier for little hands to control and he could get a new one every time he wanted to switch colors. 

Not to brag or anything, but Tanya and I also did a really good job painting.  🙂  See all of those dots all over the paper?  Most of those are mine.  Be jealous of my skills, people.

I finally got around to slapping some paint on the giant frame that I ordered a while back.  The smaller ones were painted {here} a few months ago but I hadn’t decided quite what I was doing with my big guy.  It’s not quite done but I’m working on using this frame for function and design all at the same time.  For my craft room, of course.  Obviously.

We are the three best painters you ever did see.  We created quite the masterpiece, eh?

By the way, thanks to Bennett for always (sometimes willingly, sometimes not) being our photographer.  He’s not always in the pictures but is always there…being put to work by his slave-driving wife.